Lake St. Clair Ice Fishing Report 2-15

Perch fishing was spotty with success varying from day to day. Some of the bigger fish are still being taken by those spearing. Anglers are using quads and snowmobiles however use caution. Anglers are reminded that the Selfridge boat ramp in Anchor Bay is under construction, but will remain open for ice-fishing access.

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Lake St. Clair Ice Fishing Report – Perch

Selfridge Perch

Lots of jumbos off of Selfridge. Ken’s Hooks and chartreuse teardrops tipped with spikes and waxworms are the ticket. 200 yards out from the DNR ramp is a great spot.

Gino’s Perch

Plenty of fish in the 8-10″ range. Ken’s hooks still producing with spikes. You may need to move around a bit, but the fish are in large schools.

There is still some areas with open water and a couple machines have gone through the ice over the last week. Again, anglers are reminded to use extreme caution.

iFIsh Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair Ice Fishing Report

Here is the latest Lake St. Clair ice fishing report.

Well it seems that perch fishing has been extremely slow and the ice conditions are hit and miss. There is good ice at metro, Gino’s and the the North end of the lake. A few guys catching pike here and there and a few perch, but no solid reports of jumbo size perch (at least  not where anyone is talking about). As always, be careful out there and good luck.

Latest Lake St. Clair Ice Fishing Report From the DNR

Lake St. Clair: Has ice but heavy snow is not helping with the freezing process. There are numerous bad spots with thin ice and slush so ice thickness is not uniform by any means. About the only reports coming in were a few perch caught at Fair Haven.

iFIsh Lake St. Clair

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