Be kind to wildlife

Be kind to wildlife

The animal kingdom has ever co-existed with humans for centuries. The symbiotic relationship between the fauna species in the environment was interdependent. However, the recent injustice against animals is on the high rise and as such must be addressed. Animals that have been adopted as pets face domestic violence, issuing from their owners who are impatient towards the weaknesses of these species that are delicate. As such, some expose them to the harsh weather condition like rain and the intense heat from the glowing rays of sunlight. Other people starve their pets because of the fact that they ruined their high earned property from sheer ignorance. These pets must not obtain this domestic violence.

Others who are insensitive to the needs of the pets, especially healthcare, leaves them in the cold hands of the dangerous diseases like Lyme, Canine Parvovirus, Rat Control, Diabetes, Arthritis, Rabies and several others. These animals are life agents who require constant medical checkups as humans do. They have to frequent to veterinary centers for them to be analyzed on new health hazard developments so that they can be attended to immediately.

A balanced diet is a necessity for the health advancement of each life agent. Animals in our care must be recipients of well-nourished meals eaten at appropriate times and intervals daily. They must have enough rest and should not be exposed to any kind of activity that would waste their strengths. Starving pets as a punishment is an insanity on the part of owners because its aim would not be achieved, after all, they’re not mental agents like humans who can easily ascertain the moral lessons of these activities.

Some believe that spending untold sums and resources for caring for animals is a mere drain on the market but this assertion is not justified. The benefits earned from such fauna species are astronomical and this write-up can’t exhaust all them. Aside from they offering recreation, physical protection, and business, these terrific creatures offer spiritual protection and can ward off bad attack targeted to a particular household. Cats, dogs, parrots and other fauna species are charged with special spiritual protective abilities. They can give signals of imminent risks in their abrupt change of mindset which a responsible owner can easily recognize. This should incite individuals to constantly care for the animals in their care.

As scholars, we glean many powerful lessons from such creatures in our environment if we carefully analyse their lifestyle. As an example, we learn how to defend our wards and shield them from all possible risks from how the fish goes out to protect her chicks.


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