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Lake St.Clair & Detroit River Walleye Fishing Report

Lake: The main lake continues to give up good catches of walleye. Most guys have moved out into the the deeper fairly weed free areas.The guys doing well have been generally been catching the fish in the mid to upper part of the water column on inline weights and harness. Popular colors have been Screw you, Purples, Copper Confusion, and other coppers, Golds and Blades with Blues on them such as Erie-Descent, CJ Speical, Rainbow Trout.

The most popular area I keep hearing is out on the shipping channel from fire cracker to the St. Clair Light with can’s 25 thur 28 being the hottest areas.

River: The Middle and South Channels are still giving of up good numbers. Bottom Bouncers have been the prefer met hind for most with harness in gold or Copper colors on the business end. Those are are still jigging have been doing well in the South Channel and also up river from the State Park to Marine City I have also gotten reports from Port Huron also of guys doing well everyday jigging. Purple, Anti-Freeze, and jigs with white somewhere on them are what most people are using it sounds like.The guys that have been coming into the shop have also been stocking up on darker natural minnow colors in the plastics both Fin-S and Candy Plastics. Down sizing the over all look as been the ticket most days.

The North channel should be going soon if it hasn’t started by now. I know every year near the Sturgeon Opener (july 16th) Walleye seem to be in that area pretty good cause we catch a limit some nights while targeting the Sturgeon.

Detroit River Walleye Fishing Report

Well fishermen, it seems the walleye have slowed down a bit in the river.  This cold (normal) weather has got them a bit tight lipped.  We have also heard reports of some females being spawned out already.  Not sure what’s going on, but this crazy weather have go the fish a bit jacked up.  Still getting reports of guys taking fish from Alter all the way down to Sinbad’s, just not as many. We did have some good wind, so the river is bound to be a bit milky this weekend.  Guys are jigging with the usual Fin-S and minnows as well as some Berkley Gulp.  Good luck and let us know how you did.

Dertoit River Walleye Jigging Report

Well it seems the water has warmed enough and now the walleye are going crazy in the river.  Fishermen are using everything but the kitchen sink and catching fish.  Lots of guys fishing around Mudd Island, but it appears that walleye are stacked just about everywhere from the mouth of the river on down to Wyandotte. Lots of guys have been using jigs tipped with live minnows, Fin-s, or wyandotte worms. This is the best time of the year to fill your freezer, but try to through the big females back when you can.  Good luck and be safe.